Carbide Rotary Burr SE Shape -Oval Shape

carbide  rotary burrs SE shape can be used with  electrically-powered and pneumatically-powered hand tools to cut materials such as aluminium, titanium alloys, brass, cast iron, copper, zinc alloys, alloy steels ,bronze, nickel, and various plastics, etc. This tool  also can be used on a wide range of pneumatic, electric  tools.

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Features ●100% cemented carbide virgin material guarantee ●Different materials with different carbide grades. ●High wear resistance, high durability ●High processing and cutting speed. ●High-quality silver welding technologyApplication1: Trimming flash edges ,burrs and welding lines of casting,forging and welding parts; 2: Finish machining various kinds of metal molds ; 3:Finish cutting of vane wheel runner; 4:Chamfering ,rounding and channelling of various kinds of machinery parts; 5:Finish machining the surface of inner bore of machinery parts; 6:Artistic engraving of all kinds of metal or non-metal parts;FAQsQ:Can I get free testing samples? A:Yes, Q:How about the leading time ? A:We have regular specifications in stock, and can be shipped within three days after confirming the contract. For sustomized products , 25 days. Q:Can your factory provide OEM production? A:Yes, if your purchase quantity meets the requirements, we can design the packaging for you according to your requirements Q:How do you guarantee the quality? A: we have quality-guaranteed tracking services for the products that have been sold. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us. You will get satisfactory after-sales service within 24 hours.Types of Cutting Edges
Types of Cutting Edge Images Application
Single Cut      M  sa (1) The standard single cutting head ,serrated shape is fine,and the surface finish is good,it is suitable for processing hardened steel with hardness HRC40-60 degrees,heat resistant alloy,nikel base alloy ,Cobalt based alloy,stainless steel,etc
Double Cut      X  sa (2) This double cutting shape has short chip and high surface finish, it is suitable for processing cast iron,cast steel ,steel with hardness less than HRC60,Nikel based alloy ,cobalt based alloy,austenitic stainless steel,titanium alloy,etc.
Aluminium Cut W  sa (3) The Aluminium cutting shape has a large chip pocket, a very sharp cutting edge and fast chip removal , it is suitable for processing aluminium ,aluminium alloy ,light metal ,non-ferrous metal,plastic ,hard rubber ,wood and so on
Main Specificationssa
Shape and Type Order No. Size Tooth Type
Head Dia (mm)  d1 Head Length (mm)         L2 Shank Dia (mm)          d2 Total Length (mm )                L1
Ball Shape Type D D0303X03-35 3 13 3 38 X
D0403X03-38 4 13 4 41 X
D0605X03-38 6 5 3 43 X
D0605X06-45 6 5 6 50 X
D0807X06-45 8 7 6 52 X
D1009X06-45 10 9 6 54 X
D1210X06-45 12 10 6 55 X
D1412X06-45 14 12 6 57 X
D1614X06-45 16 14 6 59 X

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